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Having a quality Bike at Black Rock City is essential to your Burning Man Experience.  We know this, which is why we have decided once again to offer quality Beach Cruiser Playa Bikes as our Perk to contribute to our Fund Raising Campaign. 

What's the difference between your fundraiser perk and renting a bike from the numerous Bike Rental Companies?

  • The biggest difference,  we don't rent the Bikes.... This is  YOUR Bike!!!

  • With a Rental company you'll be receiving a Bike that's upwards of 5 years old.

  • Rental companies don't allow you to personalize your Bike

  • Rental companies charge MORE then our donation Perk Bikes.

  • Off Playa rental companies still require you to figure out how to transport your Bike to and from Black Rock City.

  • You are required to pay $150+ deposit for each Bike which you will forfeit if you are late to return the bike or if the bike is lost or stolen.

Couldn't I just buy a Bike from Wally World? 

 Sure you can. But you'll still need to transport the Bike to Black Rock City and once there, figure out how to assemble it. If you purchase your Bike at Wally World or a Mom and Pop shop but don't have a way to transport the Bike home,  you can donate the Bike to our camp for use in our future fundraisers )'(

YEAH, this is MY Bike!  Great, what am I supposed to do with it when it's time to go back home to the default World?-

You can gift the bike to another burner, gift it to a friend or you can donate the Bike back to our camp.

Burning Man is about De-Commodification so why rent or purchase a Bike from a "for profit" Company when you can contribute to a Burning Man Art Project and receive your own Playa Bike delivered to the Playa!!!

  • All  pre-owned bikes have been refurbished and in "like-new" condition
    -  all have gone through a complete overhaul with new and freshly greased crank and wheel bearings and new tubes.








  • We also have a limited supply of Brand New Beach Cruisers.

  • We only offer the best Beach Cruisers for the Playa; Huffy, Cranbrook, Schwinn or Similar.

  • We maintain, service, replace /grease bearings as needed and test ride each Bike so you'll have reliable Playa transportation

  • We highly recommend that you bring your own Bike combination cable lock. 

  • We will email you all of the information you will need to claim your Bike

Burning Man is all about Radical Personal Expression, even though each Bike is ready to ride we highly recommend you bring extra lights (headlight, leds, elwire etc) and other decorations to personalize your rolling piece of art.

Please DO NOT use any type of tape, duck tape, duct taper etc on the bike. it becomes a sticky mess in the heat and nearly impossible to get the sticky off your hands and clothing.


 With a Donation you will receive your own Playa Bike. This is not a Rental :-)

Thank you sooooo much!!!

Contact us:

 XUZA Art Car Funding campaign for Burning Man 2019
With amazing Funding Perks including Your Very Own XUZA Beach Cruiser Playa Bike!


We are raising funds for our new upgrades and to offset the costs to bring XUZA back to Burning Man 2019
20190614_014221 - Copy.jpg
20190614_023217 - Copy_edited.jpg

Limited Quantity

New Cruisers
$350.00 Early Special!!

                    $375.00 after August 7th 2019

Quality Pre-owned Cruisers
$225.00 Early Special!!

                    $275 after August 7th 2019

XUZA Funding Campaign
Beach Cruiser Playa Bike:

* Color / Brand / Style / Accessories differ from each bike

* No  refunds due to this being a fund raising campaign


XUZA Funding Campaign
Beach Cruiser Playa Bike:

* Color / Brand / Style / Accessories differ from each bike

* No  refunds due to this being a fund raising campaign

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