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We are always looking to adopt new members for our Tribe and wanted to thank you for your interest in joining us as we bring the ultimate gift back to the residents of Black Rock City with XUZA Art Car!  

Please click on the above links and read up on the the ten Principals and our general Housekeeping rules...then fill out our online Camp Member Adoption form.

We requested placement for our camp to be at the same location as the past four years.  This area is considered a "Day Camp" area and doesn't allow amplified music between 11:00 pm and 11:00 am... which means you can actually sleep at night and then wake to the glorious sounds from Distrikt!!!

We have a  required Camp Dues: Shared Infrastructure Fee "SIF".

Early Bird $325.00 pp before June 1st, $375 June 1st - July 1st, 

$425 pp after July 1st - Aug. 1st.  $475 after August 1st.  This covers Camp necessities, infrastructure, new community Kitchen facilities  Shade Structure for tent dwellers, Camp shower facility , Camp Private Porto Potties with Dump out, grey water dump, 35' Dome structure,  Community Propane Grill / Stove tops for cooking etc. R/T Transportation costs for XUZA,  Fuel while on the playa and gifting shwag.

Unlike the big camps that require a lot of time from their camp mates, we only ask for at least two 6 hour shifts on the Art Car as either a Spotter or Greeter as well as a constant moop sweep of the camp.  We will have a complete list of additional job duties listed soon.  Tough gig huh?  ;-)

If you're a veteran burner, the goal is to make this one of your most memorable burns and if you're a virgin.... this will be the most amazing experience of your life!

Oh the places you will go.....

Luv you all... and we'll see you in the dust!

Mike C
-Justin Case-

We will be frequently updating our website and Facebook page so please check back often to get the latest information.

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