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 XUZA Art Car Funding campaign for Burning Man 2022
With amazing Funding Perks Including Your Very Own XUZA Beach Cruiser Playa Bike!


We are raising funds to help pay for upgrades and to offset the costs to bring XUZA back to Burning Man 2022 regards to our Beach Cruiser Perks:

We have been offering a limited number of Beach Cruisers as a crowdfunding perk for the past five years. Back in 2019, we were sent an email from Burning Man stating that it has come to their attention that we were renting Bikes.  Camps that were providing Bike Rental services on playa will need to cease operations for future Burns.


We replied  that we don't rent or sell bikes. We run a yearly crowdsourced fundraising campaign which we offer a variety of perks like Mugs, T-shirts and Beach Cruisers as perks, ie gifts for contributions. The Beach Cruiser perks are the contributors  to do what they want with them.   

We are not a rental service we are simply an Art Camp raising funds to bring our Mutant Vehicle XUZA back, after a two year pandemic break, bigger and better then ever!  


  • All  pre-owned bikes have been refurbished and in "like-new" condition
    -  all have gone through a complete overhaul with new and freshly greased crank and wheel bearings and new tubes.

  • We  have a limited supply of Brand New Beach Cruisers.

  • We only offer the best Beach Cruisers for the Playa; Huffy, Cranbrook,
    Schwinn or Similar.

  • We maintain, service, replace /grease bearings as needed and test ride each Bike so you'll have reliable transportation

  • All bikes are 26". we may come across a few smaller 24" cruisers. If available they will be listed as an option :-)


Beach Cruiser Perk FAQs

Contact us:

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Limited Quantity

New Cruisers
$325.00 Contribution Level


Quality Refurbished Cruisers Perks
$200.00 Contribution Level

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