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We want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Derek over at WildfireFX based in LA!


We were searching for the right UV poduct that would give us the most intense effect once exposed to UV Light.  We seen other products out there that claim to produce the effect we were looking for but none gave us that jaw dropping WOW factor.  We spoke with Derek at Wildfire and he gave us the run down on his product. I wasn't really sure if this was the direction we wanted to go at first, namely becuase of the price per Gallon.  Well after we applied the first coat and we turned on the UV lights.... HOLY SHIT.... We were sold.   Check out there entire product line... there is no other product like WildfireFX!   We can't wait to get back to Burning man 2017 bigger and better!

Please pay WildfireFX a Visti!  FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!

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