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We want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Patrick over at Insomina Lighting based in New York City!


We tried to order LED lighting technology through Alibaba (China) what a disaster.  Pricing may seem inexpensive, but you need to factor in the extremely high shipping costs,  don't be fooled by "e-packet"  this just means you will never receive your items in time.  Our first order to china, besides the langauge barrier and the 12 hour time difference, our order was shipped and was supposed to be received 7-14 business days.  We received it 4 months later due to some political uprising in China.   Never again!    After days of searching for someone here in the States, we finally contacted Patrick... This man saved us!  Not only did he answer all of our questions but he was able to have all of our LED's 48 5 meter rolls, packaged and shipped for less then the "inexpensive" alibaba route.... and we received everything within 2 days!!!!  

Please pay Patrick a visit at his EBAY Store or feel free to email him!    FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!

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